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What computer software do graphic designers use

Web Designers need to be professional in utilizing the technologies behind today’s graphic design. Here are some of the main applications utilized in the graphic design and animation community, and how they are used. If you don’t know the design programs, don’t worry about it! Graphic Design Schools will help you get acquainted with these systems, and you’ll love them before you know it! Most graphic design colleges provide comprehensive courses designed to help students grow expertise in all fields required to succeed in this field, including some big software systems that you are supposed to know about.You can watch videos here that explain what each software does. 1. Adobe InDesign InDesign is one of the most relevant systems for graphic designers to learn both inside and outside. The system is now the normal desktop publishing (DTP) platform that designers are supposed to use. Designers use it to build and modify all sorts of graphic products. With InDesign, you can create an

What are the differences between a website and a blog

Web and blog . Two terms that are very present on the Internet and that can sometimes be confused. They are sites where users generate content for readers. For example solving a series of problems creating tutorials, reporting on a specific topic, giving opinions ... The range of possibilities is very wide and we can find pages of all kinds. computersmarketing

Now, its must be borne in mind that they are not the same. A web page is more suitable for a series of topics, with its own objectives, while a blog serves to generate different content and create it with a different final mission. Of course, many web pages start out as a blog at the beginning. hollyhealthfitness

What is a blog

Generally called blog to a site where posts or entries are added, a kind of diary. The blog author writes the articles sometimes chronologically, following a script. For example, if you are talking about a trip, each new entry may be from a day of that trip. healthbeautystudio

The normal thing is that this blog is specialized in a specific topic . A blog about music, movies, technology, travel ... Starting from the main theme, the author or authors are generating content of their interests and visitors can interact through comments.

It is common to find blogs that have one, two or three articles a week. They do not usually generate much content, since as we say it is common that there is only one author or a few. webtechgalaxy

It is a more informal site , created more as a personal project where we can give our opinion, report something in which we are experts, etc. Although we can also find corporate blogs that are one more tool within a website to offer visitors. answerhop

Main characteristics of a blog :

  • Is free
  • Simple to create and manage
  • It does not have great flexibility
  • It is not the best to position in search engines

What is a web page

Something more complex is a web page. It can be a dynamic site, which constantly generates content, but also a static page, which only serves as information and is hardly modified. An example of the latter could be the website of a museum, where they inform about what we can see and where they only modify the schedule and price, as well as possible temporary exhibitions that may be.

website can be very diverse. We can talk about a news page, the corporate site of a company, a brand that wants to be known, etc. It can be an online store where we can buy many types of products, have a registry, payment gateway ...

We can say that there is less communication between those responsible for the website and visitors regarding a blog. In this case, the users who enter tend to interact less with comments, since they are looking for a specific news item, an article that they have found on the Internet or simply enter to buy something. They do not come to read more personal articles as in the case of a blog and that also generate more comments.

Keep in mind that a web page is much more complex than a blog. Within a site there can be many sections, a lot of varied content. This makes the range of offers to visitors wider.

Main characteristics of a web page :

  • It is more professional and with more options for visitors
  • Sometimes the content is static and hardly updates
  • There is less interaction and comments
  • They are sites that can be oriented on a brand or product
  • first come first served

Ultimately, there are differences between a website and a blog. It depends on what we are looking for on our site, we must choose one or the other option. If we are looking for something professional, that serves to promote our company or sell products, we are clearly going to opt for the former. On the other hand, if we simply want to publish more personal articles and talk about a specific topic, a blog can be the solution.

What to consider when creating a website or blog

We have seen that there are differences between a website and a blog. They are different terms and each one can be interesting at any given moment. We must therefore take into account certain aspects when creating either a blog or a website. We are going to give a series of tips on what we should take into account in these cases.

Name that we are going to give

Undoubtedly a fundamental factor, whether we are going to create a website or a blog, is to correctly choose the name that we are going to give it. We must selent one that adapts to the information that we are going to give, to the theme of the site. At the end of the day it will be something immovable, since once we have chosen a name for our domain we will not be able to change it, unless we decide to create a different page.

Extension and hosting

We must also choose very well what extension we are going to create, in the case of a web page, or what platform our blog will be on. There are many extensions available, such as generic .com, .org or .net, as well as country extensions, such as .es, .pt or .fr, and also different ones such as .travel, .news ...

Web hosting is the place where our site will be hosted. You have to choose one that suits what you are looking for, that can offer us a good service and that works correctly.

That works well on mobile devices

This point is very important. Today most connections occur through mobile devices . It needs to be adapted to look good on a mobile. Therefore, when creating a blog or website we must be aware of the importance of being configured correctly so that it works on any screen.

Focus on security

Another aspect that we must take into account is security . There are many threat that are present on the network and that can put the proper functioning of our equipment at risk, affect visitors to our site, etc. Hence, we must focus on security, correctly configure the hosting, include security add-ons, protect our blog with a good password ... All this will also help to give a good image of our site and avoid problems that may appear.


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