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What computer software do graphic designers use

Web Designers need to be professional in utilizing the technologies behind today’s graphic design. Here are some of the main applications utilized in the graphic design and animation community, and how they are used. If you don’t know the design programs, don’t worry about it! Graphic Design Schools will help you get acquainted with these systems, and you’ll love them before you know it! Most graphic design colleges provide comprehensive courses designed to help students grow expertise in all fields required to succeed in this field, including some big software systems that you are supposed to know about.You can watch videos here that explain what each software does. 1. Adobe InDesign InDesign is one of the most relevant systems for graphic designers to learn both inside and outside. The system is now the normal desktop publishing (DTP) platform that designers are supposed to use. Designers use it to build and modify all sorts of graphic products. With InDesign, you can create an

How to bypass the blocking of a website

When we surf the Internet, we can sometimes encounter problems that prevent us from accessing a website. Sometimes it is an error in our connection, the software we use or the device. However, it could be a problem with the website itself that is even blocking us. It is something that can happen for certain reasons but we can make use of different services and methods to bypass the blocking of a page . We are going to give some recommendations if we find this problem to be able to navigate normally.

Web pages can block users

Surely on many occasions we have tried to enter a web page and an error message appears indicating that we cannot access. The causes, logically, can be many. It could happen that the server is simply down at that moment, that they are carrying out an update or that our browser has not loaded it correctly. The error can be from the user, but also from the page itself.

However, it could also happen that that website has blocked access to a certain user. It could even prohibit access from certain geographical locations or when using a specific operator.

This would force users to have to carry out some action, use a program and be able to bypass that lock in some way. Luckily we have different methods at our disposal with which we can avoid this block and be able to access a web page normally.

How to avoid blocking a website

As we say, we have at our disposal certain services and programs that we can use in our systems and thus be able to avoid blocking a page. This is something that we can use regardless of the type of device or operating system, since blocking a website is independent.


One of the most interesting options that we can use if we have suffered a block when trying to access a web page is a VPN service . It is also something widely used today, since it allows us to encrypt the connection and avoid security problems when we connect to a public Wi-Fi or an unencrypted website.

What VPN programs do is hide our real IP address . This means that if that website has blocked a range of IPs, something that can happen sometimes by mistake, we could enter without problems. But we will also be able to enter if there is a geographical restriction, for example not being able to enter a website from a certain country.

In these cases, a VPN will be able to help us avoid blocking when trying to connect to an online service or open a web page. We can use options like Shurfshark , NordVPN or ExpressVPN , among many other options. There are both free and paid, although from RedesZone we do not recommend the first option, since in many cases our data is not well protected and we can have problems.

Proxy servers

A similar opportunity is to attach through a proxy server . Here we also are going to have a completely extensive variety of opportunities. There are many to be had on the Internet, each unfastened and paid. In this example our connection is going through an middleman. That is, if we connect our laptop or cell to a website, it first goes through the proxy.

When going through the proxy the IP address changes . Basically we arrive at the web server with the IP of that proxy, so they will never be able to know which one is our real one and, in case of being blocked, we could skip the restriction.

This option is also interesting if we want to connect to a website hosted in another country . This way we can avoid possible geographic restrictions that could prevent access to certain sites. Of course, once we go we must choose correctly which service we are going to use, since the performance may be different.

Change DNS

We can say that DNS act as translators . They are a fundamental piece to be able to enter any website. They are responsible for translating domain names (RedesZone, for example) into IP addresses. In this way, users do not need to memorize a large number of numbers (which would be the IP) and can simply enter by entering the name of the page.

Normally users use the DNS servers that come with the Internet operator. This could be the cause that there is some type of blockade and does not allow us to enter a website. Luckily we have a wide range of possibilities to configure in our team.

To change the DNS in Windows we have to go to Start, enter Settings, access Network and Internet and click on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the network card that we are using. Later we give to Change adapter options, click on the corresponding card and go to Properties. Then we enter Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and the DNS we are using will appear there. You have to check the option to Use the following DNS server addresses and put the ones that interest us. For example we can put those of Google, which would be and

Use the TOR browser

The TOR browser also allows you to modify the real IP address. It is also consider one of the best browsers to maintain security when surfing the net. Therefore, if we see that when trying to enter a site we are blocked, this program may be the solution to enter.

The TOR browser is also available for mobile devices and desktop computers. It is free and has interesting functions that can be used in our day to day.

One more option to be able to enter a web page that has us blocked is . However, it is a very different alternative, since what we do is enter a service that shows us what a site was like at a certain time.

This platform is very popular to see old pages, see the changes that have taken place. For example, we can go in and see what RedesZone was like 10 years ago. Now, we can also go in and see a website that is blocked in a certain country, for example, but can be accessed through

In short, these are some of the main options to avoid blocking a website. This way we can skip the restriction in case our IP address is blocked for any reason and we cannot navigate normally. It is something that could happen at a certain time and be a major problem for our day to day.

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